Pirates Dive Club provides you with special services that you will not find with any other dive club world wide.


We do provide accommodation & meals including diving packages for a very low cost, all you have to do is to provide us with the dates and what diving you are planning to do and we’ll update you with the prices.


All our activities are including the transfers from / to your hotel and from / to the boat / dive site.

We provide as well airport transfers on your request.


If you are using your dive dear we will make sure that it’s rinsed and dried after your last day diving so you can pack it and then stow it when you get back home.


To make it easy to our valued divers we are giving you lockers to leave your equipment till you come diving in your next holiday. The locker is free if your spending with Pirates is over 500 Euros / year.


If you do your nitrox course with Pirates then you will get your nitrox tanks free of charge life time.

If your spending with Pirates is over 500 Euros / year then your nitrox tanks are free of charge for this year.


If you become a member in the club then you will get a 30 % reduction on any diving package that you do with us during that year.

To become a member then you are required to pay 500 Euros before the end of January of this year, any activity that you will do with Pirates during the following 12 month is going to be redacted from the payment that you already did and you will get the locker, airport transfer and nitrox tanks free of charge.

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